Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bristle - Fired From Life 7"

First release of Seattle, Washington punk band Bristle. The band existed from the early 90's to 1999 although a second album was released in 2006.
Bristle have releases on Havoc (The System 7"), Beer City (Inner Conflict 7") and Ransom Note (Won't Die For You LP).
The 'Fired From Life' 7" was released in 1992 on Pot Pie Recrds, a small local label. The only other release I know of is the Chicken 7" posted here before.

1. Humanity
2. Thief
3. Witch Hunter
4. Insane
5. Riot



Anonymous said...

A little extra info for anyone who doesn't own a record deck their complete early recordings are also available on a CD (digitally remastered in 2004!). It's called "30 Blasts From The Past" and is on Rodent Popsicle Records RPR#089.

Anonymous said...

I was hanging with the band in the studio when this record was recorded in '92. Interesting, I never thought this record would be talked about in later years.