Saturday, July 14, 2012

V/A Stop Fascisme Tape

10th tape on Kurt Boelens' Kankertapes. This one was a benefit for the Limburg AFF.
This is a Belgian bands affair.
Side A starts with Chronic Disease. 3 live tracks, probably taken from the gig in Eeklo with Rose Rose. I have a feeling that the original tape where these songs come from,  runs a bit too fast on these recordings. Also cool to hear a more melodic song we did. 'Reflections' didn't last long in our set as it was quite different from our other songs.
Next is René Binamé Et Les Roues De Secours. This band is still active today but shortend their name to René Binamé. Second song 'Jesus Sur Sa' should actually be ' Jesus Sur Sa +'.
One track from garage-rockers The Midnight Men. Released an album on Punk Etc. in 1989. Had Hazel in the band who later joined Rise Above.
2 tracks from Brussels HC-band Mental Disturbance.
Just Something follows with 2 melodic punk tracks. Found out that this was the 1st band of the Stubbe brothers. David Stubbe is better known as drummer for Neuthrone, Holefiller, Möse and Gura (and some other, lesser known projects, bands).
Toespieze was a band from the Bruges-area with Meyer and Sling of Chronic Disease. They recorded one demo of which the 2 tracks were taken from.
Doodt Illegaal follows with 2 songs from their split tape with Youth Crew.
 5 Les evolved out of Indecency. They bring us 2 tracks of melodic HC bordering on alternative rock.
Deadly Serious was Swat's rapcore project. Quite funny. Swat ran Zelfkrant zine.
One song included from funpunkers The Dirty Scums.
W.C.P. is the last band. 6 tracks of noisecore with Arnie Chaos on drums. I left those tracks as one track as it was impossible to seperate.

Note: side A has quite some gaps in the songs unfortunately. I guess something went wrong copying from the original tape. It's a bit annoying to listen to.

Stop Fascisme


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, the Midnight Men was also with Edward Verhaeghe (Rise Above, Nations On Fire).
5 Les doesn't have anything to do with Heibel. It's the band that evolved out of Indeceny (Onno Hesslink from Peace Or Annihilation zine):
Indecency (Brussel): Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (bass), Onno Hesselink (guitar), Dirk Jans (drums), Chris Dexters (vocals) [In the very beginning they were called 'Hyperactive Children' and Kockie was singing...]
5Les (Brussel): Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (bass), Dirk Jans (drums & vocals), Onno Hesselink (guitar), Fons Ceuppens (vocals) * ‘Two Fisted Politics’ ep (Hageland recs 1988) – ’100 000 Eyes’ ep (Hageland recs 1988)

Curious Guy said...

Hi Brob,
made the correction on 5 Les. Must 've been confusing them with Tryptich ;). Never cared much for both bands then.

Dan said...

no clue how to download this...all im getting are livid set ups and other pop ups,tried premium/regular download,nothing is working...i was bored and thought i would remove those gaps if possible but no luck downloading,if you can point me in the right direction would be nice ;-0

Curious Guy said...

You're not the 1st one complaining about this. This doesn't occur to me when I try. Very bizarre. Click Free Download, next page click Download File, last page click Download.
Maybe I'll go with another filehost in the future.

Curious Guy said...

New link.