Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Rapers - s/t 7"

Pretty rare 7" of this Utrecht punkband. My friend Vrokker had this on CDR and I made mp3's of it.
For those who already heard the record, the quality is quite awful. You can hardly hear the music through the vinyl noise. I cranked up the volume so you can hear the songs. Unfortunately the rip sounds a bit 'metallic'.
The scans were taken from Punk Rock Picture Sleeves.
The 7" was released in 1981 on Rock Against. The Rapers also appear on the 'Zeven-Vijftig' comp. album on the same label.
Distortion To Deafness posted some demo tracks as well.

1. Pogo
2. Sweeties
3. Vonhoff Is Rot
4. Hang The Pope
5. Fuckin' Music
6. Police Is Rotten
7. Alcoholic
8. Boredom Rules
9. Antichrist
10. Monarchy
11. Jack The Ripper

The Rapers

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