Saturday, June 18, 2011

V/A Ook Dit Is Belgisch 2 Tape

Already posted the first one, here's the second volume and I guess last one. Another snapshot of the late 80's HC/punk scene in Belgium. Quite a variety on different styles here.
Side A starts with M.A.D., with tracks taken from the demo tape I posted a while ago. Sounds quite muddy as the tape is a bit worn.
Next one is Funeral Dress when they were still a small band. They're quite known these days but I'll admit I'm not a big fan. Here they offer the 2 tracks from their debut 7" and an extra one. They even ended up on the Killed By Death 6 album. What a big mistake as the 7" was released in 1987!
Next are Mental Disturbance, crossover/HC band from Brussels.
Legal Suffering follows with 3 tracks of their demo tape (which I unfortunately don't have). As they were from Bruges, I knew these guys very well. These are songs from the 1st line-up. Legal Suffering would resurrect with only the drummer as original member and Mario "Marbels", ex-drummer for No Debt on guitar. The original vocalist sadly crashed with his motorcycle in the late 80's. Mario committed suicide in 2003.
Next one is Anti Dote, a speedmetal band from Bruges.
Chronic Death was a weird noisecore band. Later changed their name to Coda.
Side B starts with Cold Turkey. Don't have any info on them.
Vortex is next, wellknown veteran punkband.
Know absolutely nothing of Vladimir Et Les Aerosols. From Brussels?
My own band Chronic Disease follows with 4 short live tracks, early style.
Exhaustless Revolt was a political HC band from around Antwerp.
Capital Scum closes the tape with 3 tracks, of which the last one is called 'Michael Klakson' for some reason.

90 mins. tape split in 2 files.

Side A

Side B


madmohawk said...

Hey L.
Ik zie Sommers iedere dag op het werk. Ik had hem een tijdje geleden al eens gevraagd als hij nog de legal suffering demo had en normaal steekt die nog ergens in een doos.Vroeg of laat komt die nog wel in mijn bezit. Raar dat we om uit Brugge afkomstig te zijn die demo zelf niet hebben. grtz

MArcelo said...

Hello man!! I'm looking for Ear Damage – Progress Of Humanity, do you know some blog have posted it?


Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

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