Saturday, July 16, 2011

Subversion - Pignation 7"

Not the Belgian one but a band from Australia from the early 90's. Pretty decent hardcore delivered here. 4 songs with a political edge. I could do without the "cookie monster" vocals in the 3rd track. Luckily it's not throughout the whole song but I'm not a fan of this style of growling. Record was released in 1994 on No Deal Records.
Subversion appeared on a few comps. (like the Circle Storm 7" on No Deal) and also did a split CD with Spazz. There's also a split 7" with Mindcrack on Snapshot Records. (Years ago I won this split together with the Minute Minder 7" but the records never arrived and the seller never replied. Think it was a rip-off).
The songs on this 7" were re-recorded for the Spazz split.
No Deal Records was a small label out of Camperdown that put the early 90's Sydney punk scene on the map. Only 5 releases which are getting very hard to get these days. The label was run by Sean who would later start Short Fuse Records. Actually the 5th release of No Deal was also the 1st release on Short Fuse as it was delayed for a long time due to the bands break-up and the label's demise.

No Deal Records discography:
NDR 001 Blitz Babies - Times Ticking 7"

NDR 002 V/A Circle Storm 7"
NDR 003 Subversion - Pignation 7"

NDR 004 Downtime - s/t 7"

NDR 005 Minute Minder -s/t 7"

1. Fucking Progress
2. Extinction
3. World Of The Putrefied Elected
4. Endless Bullshit



Anonymous said...

Actually it was Clint Chapman who started Short Fuse Records,the 1st release was Minute Minder Ep on No Deal/Short Fuse

Curious Guy said...

Yeah off course! Thanks for getting it right here.

Anonymous said...

The Pignation tracks were not re-recorded for the Spazz split. It is the same recording as the 7'.