Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Radio Soulwax: Hardcore Or Die

The De Waele brothers are better known as 2manyDJ's and wellknown for their mash-ups. On their recently launched radio station they do a 1 hour HC/punk mash-up. It's really cool to listen to as well as to look at. They took the sleeves of the records and made some great animation with them. They got a lot of help of Steve, their drummer who played in some HC bands in the late 80's, early 90's (Chronic Disease, Rise Above). Funny to see those tape sleeves with the tracklisting of a HC radioshow from Lille on Radio Campus.

Now I think some purists will look at this as a blasphemy to their beloved punk music. But punk is all about blasphemy and a 'fuck you' attitude and personally I've always hated that reactionary and conformist view of what punk should be. The mash-up stays close to the energy of what HC punk is.

Radio Soulwax is broadcasted in GMT time. Check the schedule and also the time zone where you live in. In Belgium the show starts at 16.00 and 01.00.
Hope you can sit through the whole hour (longer would be hard to digest I guess).
From Discharge to DYS, Dayglo Abortions, CRASS, Negative FX, Doom, Fear, Bad Brains, Siege, Subhumans, Conflict, Fear Of God, Black Flag, and many more.



Radio Soulwax


Anonymous said...

Well yeah...I've my idea what hardcore/punk is... Nothing wrong with that... I'm not gonna tell what others shoud think but it does feel strange to see it in this context.
I hope some day Sling (Steve) is gonna share his recollections for things like

Curious Guy said...

Off course Brob! Everyone has his/her own idea of HC/punk.
We all can agree on one thing about HC/punk and that is that it remains non-commercial. I don't see any profit made here considering the 'strange context'.

Bother Number One said...

sure, fuck you! dewaele brothers ;-)
and fuck you too purists!

cheers L!