Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nerves - 13 Styles Strike 7"

2nd release of UK HC punx Nerves. First release was a split 7" with the great Substandard. Substandard's singer is now in Constant State Of Terror. I've even seen Substandard with a complete different line-up on a festival in Nottingham called Rock'n Reggae. But that's a very long time ago. Try to get the discography album.
Don't have much info on Nerves. They play quite fast HC with a strong punk influence. It's not thrash though.
This 7" was the 1st release on Nottingham label Delerict. 2nd one is the 'Back In Rags' 7" of The Slum Gang. Pretty hard to find these days. The Slum Gang had Lloyd on vocals who also sang for Default and also for Concrete Sox on their last euro tour. He's not on any Concrete Sox recordings. I remember the Sox staying at our place before starting their tour. We were passing on spliffs but Lloyd didn't want that 'hippie shit', ha ha. Also got Pug on drums who was in The Losers later on. Met him on my visit in Notts and I remember him to be a very funny guy.
Ok , back to the Nerves. 6 short blasts of punky HC and the 7" is over before you know it.

1. Over & Out
2. Fr-end
3. Dried Up & Dried Out
4. Drink Your Last Drink
5. To The End
6. Sucked In



Honquijote said...

Thanks for the post...

FuseRed said...

Nerves - were a great band, good live too, from Leicester

Had a cracking song on the Boredom & the Bullshit UK HC comp too

Dundy said...

Hello !
Could you re post this 7" please ????
I'm looking for a long time!

Thanks a lot !!Dundy

Curious Guy said...

Hi Dundy, still have problems with my ext. HD but I can rip it again. Just need to find some time.

Curious Guy said...

New link Dundy. Enjoy!

jpeltura said...

hey man, any chance of re-uploading? would love to hear it. no worries if not, cheers!j

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!
Other re-ups coming soon but I lost files and need those from a friend.

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Anonymous said...

can you re-upload the link please??????