Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Dirty Dogs - Demos

The Dirty Dogs were from Malaysia and together with The Bollocks and Opposition Party one of the more wellknown. Probably still obscure for most of you.
This tape was released in Bulgaria on AON Productions and compiles the 1st two demo tapes that The Dirty Dogs recorded.
The Dirty Dogs were active in the mid- till late 90's. I always read that they have a crusty D-beat sound but you can't hear that on the demos. Maybe they changed their sound later on? On the demos they sound quite punk with a bit of HC in it. It's no groundbreaking stuff but I think it's always cool to dig up obscure and 'exotic' punk.
First 5 tracks are the 'In Death Row' demo recorded in 1994. The other 4 tracks are the 'The Dirty Dog' demo recorded in 1995.

1. I'm Politician
2. You Born Bastard
3. Take It Easy
4. Behavior
5. Rich But Poor
6. The Dirty Dogs
7. City Breath
8. War
9. Sleave Buster

The Dirty Dogs


cmg1066 said...

Can you post anything you have from the BCT collection...please!!

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i'm running our own diy music archive and i really need this tape audio since i dont have them. can you re-upload or send me the files? really appreciate it.
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New link. Enjoy!

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Bos please re upload

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