Sunday, May 19, 2013

Virus X - s/t MLP

6-track mini-album of unknown punkband Virus X. They were from Buffalo, New York but recorded the album in Toronto, Canada.
Absolutely no info on them so would be great if someone knows more about Virus X.
This album was released in 1985 on Uniray Records.
Below I found some live footage from 1986, although they only play covers so it seems. Contains an email address for the band.

1. Johnny Likes Pain
2. Go To College
3. Saturday Night At The Morgue
4. Way too Fast
5. Wedding Night
6. That's Too Bad

Virus X


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Anonymous said...

My band used to open for Virus X back in the late 80's. Drummer Sam Fruscione and guitarists/voicalist Rick Memelli (sp) would later split with the original lead guitarist (whose name I don't recall) and formed 'The Rick Miami Pad' that recorded the album 'She Lost Her Mind' at Trackmaster Studios in Buffalo in 1988.
I played bass for the band in the studio (I was paid a six pack of Corona), and Andrea DeGolier currently from Chakras provided back-ups vocals.
Armand Jon Petri was the engineer on the album.

Anonymous said...

Virus x was a punk band from Niagara Falls N.Y.. They were active from 1983 to 1989. Eventually reuniting in the late 1990's and early 2001. Virus x released one album and recorded a second album in 1987. It was never released. The Rick Miami Pad released an album in 1989 and then a cd in 2000. The cd featured some of the unreleased music from the 1987 Virus x recording.

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