Sunday, August 18, 2013

Difekto - Detrimento Tape

Rough, crusty HC/punk on this tape of Difekto. Not mentioned from where they are on the sleeve but the net says Brasil. Think the tape was released in the mid-90's.
'Detrimento' was released in the US on Minneapolis label Sin Fronteras. They began releasing unknown South-American bands like Execradores, Pirexia, Abuso Sonoro, ... Later releases are local/US bands like Misery, Consume, Calloused, Path Of Destruction, ...
Difekto also do a Chaos UK cover. Not mentioned which song and I can't recognize the song as well. It's not from their early period.

1. Panico Da Guerra
2. Midia Da Coca
3. Kaos Nuclear
4. Dor E Revolta
5. Palavras
6. Destroy The Nazi
7. Polizia
8. Todos Mortos
9. Violencia (Extrema Agonia)
10. Midia Da Coca
11. Que Futuro
12. Porco Do Capital
13. Chaos UK (Cover)
14. Panico Da Guerra
15. Todos Mortos


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