Thursday, November 13, 2008

V/A New Jerseys' Got It? LP

Snapshot of the NJ scene around 1985.
3rd release on Buy Our Records, wellknown for releasing records of Bedlam and Adrenalin O.D. Both bands are featured on this one.
Cyanamid did a 7" on Mutha Records.
My 3 Sons did a 7" on Buy Our Records as well. Bodies In Panic, Pleased Youth and Children In Adult Jails released albums on the same label.
Sacred Denial released quite a few albums on their own Forefront label.

1. Bedlam - Mongoofy
2. Bedlam - Burn One
3. Bodies In Panic - Spiders & Cameras
4. Bodies In Panic - Wendy O
5. Cyanamid - N.J. Is A Mall
6. Cyanamid - Support
7. Pleased Youth - I'd Rather Be An Asshole
8. Pleased Youth - Obedience School
9. Children In Adult Jails - Fishing For Compliments
10. Children In Adult Jails - Dog Day
11. Stetz - Kidds Habits
12. Stetz - M.A.D.D.
13. My 3 Sons - People Who Bleed
14. My 3 Sons - Untitled 13
15. Sacred Denial - What Religion
16. Sacred Denial - Our Friend
17. Adrenalin O.D. - Crowd Control
18. Adrenalin O.D. - Infiltrate The State

New Jerseys' Got It?


Anonymous said...

Cyanamid were totally insane...and so right! Some brilliantly snarling stuff from Sacred Denial here also. Who knew Jersey had so much goin' on back then?

Anonymous said...

>>Who knew Jersey had so much goin' on back then?

peps that didn't live here?


ONECHORD said...

many thanks for this one! specially for children in adult jails and my 3 sons, fabs of mine!

best wishes,

Snow Delay At The Frankfurt School said...


I've had a great time listening to all the stuff you re-upped a few weeks ago.

I'm aware that some of your older posts/files are lost but do you have this comp?


Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!