Saturday, November 22, 2008

V/A Lung Cookies LP

Compilation released as a joint effort between Smoke Seven Records and Your Flesh zine.
This was originally planned as a cassette compilation but turned into a vinyl edition as vinyl gets more attention than tapes.
Recording quality varies with each band and most were taken from demo recordings.
Ten Minute Warning is a short-lived post-Fartz band.
Final Conflict is the Minneapolis one here who did a great 7" as well.
The Rejectors' songs seem like demo versions of the songs that appear on the split with The Accused.
RF7 songs also appeared on the 'Submit To Them Freely' 7" on Smoke Seven.
Willful Neglect released 2 great mini-albums back in the day, compiled on CD a few years ago.
Sacred Order did an album on Mystic and appear on quite a few comp. tapes as well.
No Thanks from NY deliver 1 song from their demo. Lengua Armada released a discography LP a while back with the very rare 'Are You Ready To Die' 7", 1982 demo and live in CBGB's.
Ground Zero, Otto's Chemical Lounge and Boy Elroy were all from Minneapolis but I don't know anything about them.
Red Meat is another mystery to me as this is the only output I know of them.

1. Ten Minute Warning - Is This The Way
2. Ten Minute Warning - Judgement Day
3. Ten Minute Warning - Buried Alive
4. Final Conflict - Self Defeated
5. Final Conflict - Why Me/Rage And Frustration
6. Final Conflict - Ross
7. Ground Zero - Law & Weather Rut
8. Ground Zero - No Marine Recruit
9. Rejectors - Struggle
10. Rejectors - Anti-Patriot
11. Rejectors - The End
12. Otto's Chemical Lounge - Velvet Emporer
13. Otto's Chemical Lounge - Shopping On Heroin
14. Boy Elroy - Reggae For The Rich
15. RF 7 - Not Now Generation
16. RF 7 - Submit To Them Freely
17. Willful Neglect - Deprogramed
18. Willful Neglect - I Was Drunk
19. Red Meat - Social Fuck
20. Red Meat - Power Of The Minds
21. Red Meat - Another Day
22. Red Meat - White World
23. Sacred Order - Icky Bitch
24. Sacred Order - She Kills Me
25. Sacred Order - The Right To Be Poor And Radical
26. No Thanks - Party's Over Now

Lung Cookies


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I have a copy of this as well. Red Meat was Pete Davis of Your Flesh fanzine. Otto's was a fun local band, sorta hippyish stuff. Lori Barbero from Babes in toyland did the photo's.

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