Thursday, October 23, 2008

V/A Who Cares LP

Excellent compilation of mostly Long Beach bands I guess. Pretty hard to find these days. The most wellknown names are Shattered Faith and the Cheifs. Political Crap has Duane Peters on vocals, later wellknown with his band U.S. Bombs. AKA are my least favourite of the bunch; a bit too poppy for my taste.
This album was released on the small label American Standard in 1981. Other releases I know on this label are the Primal Danse 12" (more postpunk sounding) and the 'Criminals' LP of Joneses.

1. AKA - Tomorrow's Theme
2. Cheifs - No Justice
3. Cheifs - Riot Squad
4. Shattered Faith - Discontent
5. Suspects - Baby Maybe
6. Suspects - I Had Fun
7. Civil Disobedience - Confused
8. Political Crap - Rejected
9. Civil Disobedience - Too Drunk Last Night
10. Suspects - Hollywood Nightmare
11. AKA - Liza Jane
12. Cheifs - Scrapped
13. Shattered Faith - Trilogy
14. Civil Disobedience - Campaign Promises
15. Suspects - Make Me
16. Shattered Faith - I Love America
17. Political Crap - On Your Own
18. Political Crap - Slow Death

Who Cares


Anonymous said...

great compilation.Thanx a lot

gone said...

great post as usual curious,not heard this in a long time cheers m8

Chino HxCx said...

Hey Curious Guy!

I don't know if you are still looking for this:

Sedición - Extintos

Sorry, no tracklist.


Curious Guy said...

Chino hxcx, thanx for the Sedición. I'll check 'em out for sure! - said...

Excellent comp. This one was little known in the day. Keep up the great work with your blog - just discovered it. I'm jones-ing for more of the same!! Greetings from London

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the support. There are some links still broken but I'll try to re-up everything in time.

Anonymous said...

i gave multiple rewinds to the cheifs and suspects tracks and my attention span is usually measured in milliseconds...great comp...deserves a reissue..thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

wow I searched a long time for this! you can't buy it and nobody until now has made it available for dl. I even tried to put it together myself but could only locate Suspects and Shattered Faith. Shattered Faith sells their stuff, and all the Suspects songs (same as here) are available for dl at their myspace.

Slobodan Burgher said...

oh shit that Sedicion link is dead...

Slobodan Burgher said...

found it:


Curious Guy said...

Sorry for the long wait. New link available. My mate has some serious PC problems.