Monday, October 27, 2008

The Rest - s/t LP

And here's another nice one on Destiny Records. The sole album of The Rest. They also appeared on a few comps. on Destiny as well.
This album was released in 1986 and contains a cover of the Avengers called 'We Are The One'. 'Your Eyes' is a sad lovesong (not very usual for a punkband). 'Every Sperm' is taken from Monty Python.
The song 'Midnight Wanker' is one I can relate to. Once I had to go through a park in the evening to get home. This park is wellknown as a gay meeting place. I wanted to take the shortcut instead of walking around it. Suddenly I saw some person running besides me with his pants in his arms. Further I had to pass a large building with pillars , so I knew that the freak would stand behind one of those pillars. And yes I was right. He was jerking off like a maniac! I sometimes wonder what goes on in some people's head.

note: tracks 1 & 2 and 14, 15 & 16 ripped as one track.

1. Intro
2. What You Get
3. Your Eyes
4. The Rest
5. It's Fashion
6. Twilight
7. Totgeboren
8. Au Backe
9. Disillusion
10. Wake Up
11. Army
12. OK
13. Midnight Wanker
14. Every Sperm
15. Rausziehn
16. We Are The One
17. Admission

The Rest (new link)


Douchess of York said...

Thanks for that one! Is there any chance to find the 12" of a band called "Der Riss"? I think the 12" was called "All they do is images" but i'm not quite sure about it.
They had a cut on a Weird System compilation album if i remember correctly?


Curious Guy said...

"They All Do Image" it's called actually. Don't have this one. Sorry DD. They appeared on "Life Is A Joke 2" but only on the extra LP which I don't have.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought I was the only other person in the world to own this record, but obviously not! I think this sounds like NO ALLEGIANCE & actually might contain a couple of members. A very unknown band & a pretty good one, too. The singer seems to think he's a vampire judging by the photos on the sleeve & lyric sheet.

Anonymous said...

An amazing album! Every track just explodes with power. I love the accented vocals on this. Good choice, CG.

Never knew Der Riss had a record out, DD. I remember they had a track called 'Images' cassette comp maybe? So long ago.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody ever put together a Destiny discography? It seems like every month I find a new record on that label (such as this great one) which I never heard of before.

Curious Guy said...

Check the Destiny Records discography here:

jolicoeur said...

Thank you for this record. I only knew some track on german compilation and I like that. And thank you for your great blog.
Jean marc

Anonymous said...

Link is also dead :-((

Curious Guy said...

All new links for the dead ones. Enjoy!