Thursday, October 30, 2008

Euthanasia - Ölöriefot Putkosessa, Kemoryölöt Kabinessa 7"

I've seen alot of Finnish HC/punk stuff posted on blogs but haven't seen this one yet. 1st vinyl release of Euthanasia although they already appeared on the '10 Vuotta Myöhemmin' comp. 7" on Hiljaiset Levyt in 1987. Also 2 songs can be found on the 'Dokumentti Todellisuudesta' comp. LP on SHJ Records in 1989. This 7" was probably released in 1988 on SHJ Records as well.
I also have a dubbed copy of the 'Ämpäri Päässä Pyöränkumia Pumppaa' cassette album but some tracks have flaws. The seller I got it from told me that the original recordings turned out that way, but I'm not sure.
In 1990 MCR Company from Japan released a split 7" flexi with Macrofarge. But the 3 tracks on the flexi appear on this 7" as well (maybe different recordings?).
Nice late 80's HC punk with a slight metallic edge.

1. Martat Pois Bingoista
2. Ulosottomies
3. Mies 2000
4. O.V.J.H.R. (Otin Viskin Ja Helvetti Repes)
5. Liity Joukkoon
6. Rakkautta Huokuu Maa
7. Astutan Koiraa
8. Ergosong
9. Videonsaantipakko
10. Robinson Crusoen Huono-Onnisempi Haaksirikko
11. Työtön Suuri Punkkari



Anonymous said...

Thanks for euthanasia ep.
Any chance of you posting that "ämpäri päässä" cassette? I had it but but lost it. The band split up after the cassette demo and reformed (with new guitarist and bassist) under the new name Shihtzun a few years later releasing another demo tape "Seinistä irti tiilet!" I have this demo and if you want it I'd be happy to upload it.

Curious Guy said...

Im going to try to rip the tape one of these days. I want to know if you remember if your copy had flaws as well?

Curious Guy said...

Oh yeah, I'm interested in that Shihtzun demo. Never heard of the band.

Anonymous said...

I think there was something wrong with the tape. Gonna rip the shihtzun demo tonight and upload it.
Do you want the euthanasia's singer/guitarist band YUP's early stuff as well? Just found their early ep "who dares farts", which is quite good. Had their demos as well, but there seems to be a black hole somewhere in my house.

Anonymous said...

Y.U.P. - Who Dares Farts -EP

Shihtzun - Seinistä Irti Tiilet -demo

The shihtzun demo sounds more like a rehearsal tape than a proper demo. And the sound quality is far from perfect.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks alot Zombie. I'll try to rip the Euthanasia tape ASAP.

Keijjokettu said...

Did you know, that the Euthanasia's (and Yup's) singer and guitarist Jarkko Martikainen said on yup's homepage ( that it can be possible that they release a Euthanasia's discocraphy on CD.

Btw does anybody have any idea how many demos Y.U.P have made? I have heard about only one demo called "your's"

There is also some Euthanasia tracs on youtube.

Ps. I love this blog! Full of historic material. Keep up the good work! :)

Curious Guy said...

Hey thanks for the latest news. Hope they do a discography. I think P.Tuotanto did one years ago but I don't think it was official.

Johnny Vril said...

The complete discography is out now :D

Cheers, the publisher

Curious Guy said...

Hi Johnny,
will check it out.Thanks for letting me/us know.