Monday, October 13, 2008

Landlords - Hey, It's A Teenage House Party! LP

Sole album of the Landlords released in 1984 on their own Catch Trout label. They did another 7" a few years later called 'Our Favorite Songs' but from what I read it contains 4 cover songs.
The artwork on the sleeve reminds alot to that noise band Happy Flowers. That's because 2 members of Landlords started Happy Flowers. If you're interested in hearing some Happy Flowers stuff, check their 1st 2 7"s here.
'School For The Deaf' and 'Let's Go' are very short songs ripped as one track.
I scanned the lyric sheet and included it with the file.

1. Exogamy
2. Every Day's A Holiday
3. Girls
4. Bathroom Bigot
5. Parent's Weekend
6. No Good Woman
7. Kids
8. My Monotony
9. Termination
10. Nuns In Black Leather
11. Let's Be Negative
12. More Guts Tonight
13. 99th Floor
14. School For The Deaf
15. Let's Go!
16. Washington Post
17. I Hate School
18. Amputee
19. Mutant Hangout
20. The Pain Isn't Over
21. Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

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Anonymous said...

Hello there. Great blog...only the landlords DL doesn't work: it's kinda stuck in a loop when you are on the zshare-page

Curious Guy said...

Yeah I noticed. Had this before today on another blog. Maybe I need to re-up this one.

Anonymous said...

Would be great if you could do that some time! Thx in advance!

Honquijote said...

Another unknown band for me. Cheers mate... :-)