Thursday, July 17, 2008

V/A Eat Your Head 2x12"

Here's another Australian compilation. 'Eat Your Head' was released in 1984 on No Master's Voice/Greville Records and collects underground bands from the Melbourne punk scene. This one is quite rare (I guess about 500 copies exist) but it was reissued on CD in 1997. This is the vinyl rip.
The 1st record begins with Civil Dissident. You could already hear them on a few comps. I already posted.
Next is Vicious Circle with 2 tracks from their 3-track demo. These are the very first recordings of the band who released quite some records in their existence.
Next is the anarchopunk of Murder Murder Suicide. They produced a demo, and a 12" which I posted here on my other blog.
Side 2 starts with another anarchoband called End Result. The band already split up before this release.
Scum plays the UK82 style.
Royal Flush also split up before the release. The band consisted of very young kids. They formed in 1980, played their 1st gig in 1982 when all members were still under-13 years old. Tracks recorded live.
Record 2 starts with one of the best known Melbourne punk bands I Spit On Your Gravy.
Next are Charred Remains. Reading the gig review, the band seemed to deliver a great live show. Already disbanded before this release as well.
Bodies are next. Not alot of info. Tracks recorded in 1984.
Permanent Damage also delivers their very first recordings. Guitarplayer Matt used to be in a band called Disorderly Conduct and 2 other members came from a turkish band.
Last band is Madflowers. They are a bit the weird band on here.

The record came in a fold-out sleeve with pix, flyers, lyrics and some info on the bands involved.

1. Civil Dissident - A Nazi Choice
2. Civil Dissident - Vacant Race
3. Vicious Circle - Blood Race
4. Vicious Circle - Police Brutality
5. Murder Murder Suicide - Life's A Breeze
6. Murder Murder Suicide - Rockstar
7. End Result - I Won't
8. End Result - No Brains On Tap
9. Scum - Give The Kid A Gun
10. Scum - The John Barleycorn
11. Royal Flush - Christian Bullshit
12. Royal Flush - Coppers 'Round The Corner
13. I Spit On Your Gravy - Violent Fluff
14. I Spit On Your Gravy - Done To Death
15. Charred Remains - Rid Melbourne
16. Charred Remains - Space Exploration
17. Bodies - Live In This World
18. Bodies - Mr. President
19. Permanent Damage - Day After
20. Permanent Damage - Don't Have A Say
21. Madflowers - Escape Through A Needle
22. Madflowers - Crewmen's Remains

Eat Your Head (new link)


gone said...

never heard of this one be grabbing this tomorrow cheers curious

Curious Guy said...

I guess you won't be disappointed.

Erich said...

Thanks for this! One of the few records that I never could lay my sweaty hands on. 400 copies were made. Anybody wants to get rid of his/hers?

Curious Guy said...

Not me Erich! Found it on eBay a couple of years ago. Wasn't that expensive probably because it's so unknown.

Erich said...

Lucky bastard!

Anonymous said...

i DID have this back when, never thought I'd see it again! Pretty sure I got this from Pushead along with the Stupids' "Violent Nun" ep. Cool comp., thanks for bringing back good memories!!!