Monday, July 14, 2008

V/A When Men Were Men And Sheep Were Scared LP

Requested by Bernard at Nuclear Farmed Fuck Frogs.
Released on Bemisbrain Records in 1985, this compilation contains mostly bands from Long Beach, CA. Nip Drivers were from Torrance and Target Of Demand from Bellflower.
Rhino 39 released one of the best late 70's punk 7"s. on Dangerhouse. Also did an album in 1984. Never heard this one but it seems to go more in the Minutemen direction.
The Vandals need no introduction.
Red Beret also appeared on the Mystic comp. "You Can't Argue With Suckcess" and did and album which is quite disappointing.
The Crewd also released a 1-sided album "Gather Around" on Bemisbrain in 1983.
Side 2 starts with the Falling Idols (see previous post).
Secret Hate did a 12" on New Alliance in 1983 but there's a discography CD on Grand Theft Audio as well. (Seems I'm wrong on the reissue!)
Nip Drivers did 2 albums in the 80's which were compiled on one CD released by Taang!.
Target Of Demand was a XXX band and did a 12" "Man's Ruin" in 1984. One of the best unknown HC bands with untypical lyrics for a posi-band.

Cover art by Mad Marc Rude (RIP).

1. Rhino 39 - Hurry Up And Waite
2. Rhino 39 - Sleep Walking
3. The Vandals - The Dachau Cobana
4. The Vandals - Frog Stomp
5. Red Beret - Look Behind
6. Red Beret - Roller Coaster Ride
7. The Crewd - Audubon Baby
8. The Crewd - Lady Of The Night
9. Falling Idols - Defeat The Purpose
10. Falling Idols - Cut It Out
11. Secret Hate - Bomb Chic
12. Secret Hate - Death In The Desert
13. Nip Drivers - Rio
14. Nip Drivers - E.Y.O.B.
15. Target Of Demand - Air Head
16. Target Of Demand - Target Of Demand

When Men Were Men And Sheep Were Scared


Douchess of York said...

Do you happen to have something by Secret Hate?


Curious Guy said...

Not me but a friend of mine has the 12" so it will appear here sometime in the future.

gone said...

DONUT, i sure down underground as it if not i have the cd...and curious you rule cant get it till tomorrow thou damn cant wait cheers mate

Curious Guy said...

Yeah Bernard you're right. Down Underground posted the Secret Hate 12".

Honquijote said...

Been awhile since I heard this record...
Thanks man !

Anonymous said...

i downloaded this because of the crewd tracks, but, to my disappointment, they are the worst on whole lp. it's sad to hear that (later) tsol influence audible on the 12" has grown too strong. i miss that rabid barking and wild energy! still, this is really nice comp.! especially rhino 39 and target of demand rock hard! thanx for this! nice blog by the way - lots of interesting stuff!

Anonymous said...

Is there any way you could re-up this? I really want to check this out. Thanks!

Mike said...

Is there any way you could re-up this? I really want to check this out! Thanks!

Curious Guy said...

Mike, new link is up. Enjoy. Sorry for the delay.

Curious Guy said...

New link for When Men Were Men And Sheep Were Scared comp.

Ian said...

May have missed this one by a decade, but if you're still active, can you re-upload? Please and thank you.