Saturday, October 3, 2009

V/A Hardcore Showcase LP

Time for some Japanese hardcore now.
The 'Hardcore Showcase' LP was released on Stomping Record in 1989 and has 9 bands from Sendai city. Most bands are pretty unknown but play raging hardcore here. For those more in the knowledge of Japanese HC will know that Lance Lot released a 7" flexi 'Eat The Dream' on Stomping Record as well.
Fat Slave and Banish Arms also appear on the 'Give Us The Time To Play' comp. double EP with other Sendai bands Half Life, Gang Thrust and Rich Mate Rally (ex-Reach A Mental Road, who did a split 7" with Hiatus on MCR).
Banish Arms also appears on the 2nd Japcore comp. LP released on Discipline/Vinyl Japan called 'Who's Chained Up To The Dogs Of Outrage!!'.

Here's the Stomping Record discography:
SR 001 The Vomits - Death On The Beach 7" flexi
SR 002 Tiffany's - 4 Original Hits 7" flexi
SR 003 Dead Person - s/t 7" flexi
SR 004 Lance Lot - Eat The Dream 7" flexi
SR 005 The Vomits - Reckless Cow! 7" flexi
SR 006 Under Beans - Roots Rock Suck 7"
SR 007 V/A Hardcore Showcase LP

1. Bat Bones - Shit Maker
2. Bat Bones - Out Of My Face!
3. Sex Crime - Shock
4. Sex Crime - Boys In The Box
5. The Wild Geese - King Of Rockin' Roll Monster
6. The Wild Geese - Coming In From The Rise
7. Leather Face - Disguise The Facts
8. Leather Face - Foolish Dreamer
9. Lance Lot - Nightmare
10. Lance Lot - Fight It Out
11. Red Neck - Grasp All, Lose All
12. Red Neck - Road Marks
13. Banish Arms - Lie Power For Murder
14. Banish Arms - Bat Luke You
15. The Snickers - Continue The Resistance!
16. Fat Slave - Helpless
17. Fat Slave - False


Anonymous said...

Great assortment of styles. Here are some things I am searching for if maybe you have for the postings?

Aparat "Häiriköt Tulee" 7" (FINLAND, Stinky-Boy Records, 1985)

Attanas "Rokki" 7" (FINLAND, self-released, 1985)

Cheetah Chome Motherfuckers "Live In SO36" LP (ITALY, Destiny Records, 1986)

Conservatives "Kill Hirb Cane" 7" (USA, CA, Conservative, 1979)

Ed Nasty And The Dopeds "I'm Gonna Be Everything" 7" (USA, LA, Sexo, 1978)

Ex-Humans "Anofeli Epiviosi" LP (GREECE, 1984)

Naked Lady Wrestlers 7" flexi (USA, CA, 1984)

SS-20 "Secta Suicida Siglio" LP (MEXICO, 1989)

Street Kidz 7" (USA, FL, 1982)

TST "Väktarnas Värld" 7" (SWEDEN, 1981)

Unicef "Kakimassaa" 7" (FINLAND, Johanna Records, 1983)

Upper Jaw Mask "Whiskers Zak Zero"7" (ITALY, Cessophonia, 1981)

Curious Guy said...

Get the Unicef 7" on Down Underground (great one!).
Upper Jaw Mask 7" here:
CCM live LP here:
I have the Aparat 7" on a boot LP. And the Attanas 7" on CDR somewhere.
Can't help you with the others.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Curious man!

the wizard said...

this Sendai comp is KILLER!! i love the "give us the time to play" comp as well, the half life tracks alone are well worth the price of admission. I'll be in Sendai neat month, I'll have to keep an eye out. thanks for the post!!

Velha escola Nova escola said...

Thanx for add me in your blog , i add too your blog in VE-NE , hugs and cheers from Brazil .

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with this release so I'm really looking forward to downloading it and taking a listen. Thanks for posting it!

Curious Guy said...

Wizard, Have a good time in Sendai. Never heard that other comp. but once had a Half Life 7" but it wasn't my cup of tea. A bit too moshcore-like for my taste.
VE-NE, thanks for adding me as well.
James, hope you enjoy this one.

Roilo Golez said...

Hello, if you're interested, i posted a rip of the "Give Us The Time To Play" compilation.

Very interesting blog by the way, keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I can never ever have enough Japanese thrash!! This comp is seriously great and solid from start to finish.

I finally posted the Numb Sex EP for you! Check it out:

Rock On!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

zak said...

Can you reup the link? Thanks

Curious Guy said...

New link Zak. Enjoy!

zak said...

Great, Thanks!

musa68xx said...

Link of VA-hardcore showcase link is dead.
I am glad if you to run the revival of link.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!