Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doomsday Massacre - Wake Up Or Melt Down 7"

Here's some classic hardcore punk from Texas. The 'Wake Up Or Melt Down' 7" of Doomsday Massacre was released in 1983 on C.I.A. Records, the label run by Really Red.
First heard them on a weekly HC punk program in the late 80's on some French radiostation in Lille.

1. R-U-Ready
2. Attack
3. Pissed
4. Annihilation
5. Last Day

Doomsday Massacre


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Been looking for one of these for years. Too expensive on ebay!

eddie said...

this is an awesome, raunchy ep and one of the most obscure hc bands in texas. btw, great blog!

Anonymous said...

That's a wild slab of vinyl! An amazing record from start to finish. "Pissed" says it all!

Anonymous said...

Saw yer comment on the Nation on fire blog about Subversion demo.
I know there's a 7" out on Game of The Arseholes called "Child Abuse", I'm looking high and low for it!!!
Any chance you got it/could up it?

Curious Guy said...

stiener, normally I would get a copy from Stuart but haven't heard of him yet. There are friends of mine interested as well (I live in Belgium) so I asked for multiple copies. Think I need to harass Stuart a bit more :)

JIM HAYES said...

curious guy-i like your site and i've found some great music on it. i see that you're interested in the one sided smd 12" well good luck with that! they're were 300 made and i threw away about fifty in l989. it was the past for me and i couldn't deal with it anymore (i was the 'singer") good luck and i emjoy yr site. Jim Hayes

Curious Guy said...

Hello Jim, thanks for your comment. I would definitely want to hear that SMD LP and I know it's pretty rare. Hope someone could find a decent rip so at least I could listen to it.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

I know one of the dudes in doomsday massacre and there gonna be putting out a new album called put a fork in it

Niteowl83 said...

Could you repost these MP3s? Thanks!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!