Monday, December 8, 2008

Permanent Damage - s/t 7" / End Of Innocence LP

Here are the 2 records released by Melbourne band Permanent Damage. They first appeared on the 'Eat Your Head' comp. posted before.
The 7" was released in 1985 on Reactor Records.
For the album, an extra guitarplayer was added to the band. The album has more of a metal sound to it . 'End Of Innocence' was released in 1987 on Reactor Records as well.
Guitarplayer Matt originally played in Disorderly Conduct, a hardcore band from Detroit, USA. Drummer Jenk is the brother of Spike, singer of Depression. He was replaced for the album.

Permanent Damage 7"
1. I'm Not Spoiled
2. Wasted Dreams
3. Big Fat Liar

End Of Innocence LP
1. Warcry
2. The Brute
3. Live For Life
4. You Don't Have A Say
5. Life's A Bitch
6. Sniff Your Defeat
7. Unity
8. Lust
9. Showdown
10. Victim Of Misery
11. Kill for Lies
12. Stress
13. End Of Innocence
14. Why
15. Bad News
16. Time

Permanent Damage


jolicoeur said...

I like these records but I don't like the picture with dog fight.

Curious Guy said...

Got these from a friend and somehow overlooked that dogfight picture. Luckily this is forbidden in Belgium. As well as cockfights.

slowcat69 said...

Hey I just used your rip of the LP on my blog. Just giving you a heads up. I gave you credit in my entry.