Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Sovjets - 18 Songs Bootleg Tape

The Sovjets were an early punk band from Belgium. They started in 1979 and released two 30 minutes demo tapes. Later they would change their name to Sovjet War and their sound got more wave. As Sovjet War they released the 'It Became A Problem' 7" in 1983.
This tape should have both demos on it but unfortunately only one side is recorded so you'll get only 8 songs. No titles are mentioned on the sleeve but I could manage to find some through their MySpace page.
1. All Systems Go
3. Body On The Lawn
6. CIA
8. Cells
The songs on their MySpace page actually have a better sound so let's hope that the ex-members still have the mastertapes of these recordings. A reissue would be very cool.

The Sovjets


Smurf said...

Kans dat deze kan gere-upped worden?

Curious Guy said...

Nieuwe link Smurf. Moest je in contact zijn met ex-leden laat dan weten dat ik geïnteresseerd ben in die andere nummers :)
Grtz, Leffe.