Sunday, April 7, 2013

Creep Insanity - Destroying The Insane Demo

Creep Insanity were from Eeklo, Belgium. They were around in the late 80's and played crossover, a style that was popular back then. They were HC punx playing metal. There are some interview snippets in between the songs and they state that they didn't like the common macho attitude of the heavy metal dudes.
Creep Insanity were a 3-piece: Rabbit on drums who did a lot for the HC scene back then, Bassie who played bass and was rarely seen sober :) and Peter on guitar and vocals (who is an amazing guitarplayer btw.). Later on Kris of Hate Crew joined on vocals.
After they split up, Bassie played in the short-lived Braindead, with Stinky (No Numbers, Repulsives) on drums.
Ripped this demo from a cheap, shitty, German cassette brand called Standard. There are a few sound drops unfortunately. Don't have a sleeve as well but found an old sticker so I scanned that one. Don't know when they recorded it as well. Boosted the sound a little bit.

Check Smurfpunx for pictures of the band.

1. Destroying The Insane
2. The Arise
3. Brew Your Own
4. Pirates Of Evil
5. Stop The Madness
6. Sinner
7. Insane
8. Instrumental Song
9. Candy Girl
10. Dozer
11. Another Religion
12. Digging Your Own Grave

Creep Insanity


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Cheers Leffe!
There's a few more pics of them here (scroll down):

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