Thursday, January 1, 2009

Generation Excrement - s/t 7"

It's getting difficult to post some older 80's stuff with all the punk blogs around but a friend of mine still has a few. In the meantime, I'll post some HC stuff from the 90's.
Generation Excrement were from Chicago and this is their only release. quite rare these days. It was released on Will E. Survive, a small label from Northlake, IL. that released 9 7"'s and one repress of the Insult II Injury 7".
This EP is the label's 8th release, from 1997. For a full list check Discogs.
It's quite good although they could use a singer with more aggressive vocals. I wonder if the bandname is a pisstake on Gen X.

1. I'll Be Back... You'll Be Fucked!
2. I Need A Gun
3. Wasted Envy
4. All Of Us
5. Reach Out
6. 11 Years

Generation Excrement

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Aesop said...

Any chance of getting that Meat Joy LP uploaded somewhere?