Saturday, January 31, 2009

Neighbourhood Watch - Death At The Hands Of Time 7"

Not to be confused with Neighborhood Watch from Venice (whose rare 12" has recently been re-released) or the early 90's band on Vital Communications.
This is the Canadian band. 5 tracks of hardcore punk. Released in the UK on Real World Records. Don't know when but I guess 1987.

Real World Records was a small label from Durham with the next releases:
001 Heavy Discipline - Liberation Of Economics 7"
002 Neighbourhood Watch - Death At The Hands Of Time 7"
003 The Disturbed - This Is Credibility 7"
004 Untamed - Next Please 7"
005 Bad Attitude - Inner Motives 7"

1. Vicious Circle
2. Mr. Christian
3. Video Sexxx
4. Ice Box Queen
5. Acid Baby

Neighbourhood Watch


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Longy said...

Thanks Curious Guy. This is about the 5th thing tonight I've downloaded and never heard of in blogland. Great posting. The music reminds me of the UK Subs for some reason. No bad thing!

Anonymous said...

stuff is good
thanks ...

Slobodan Burgher said...

Ah nice, they're interviewed in 11 Years Later issue 9 the UK zine from like 87 or something (if memory serves, eitherway it's at punksishippies), was curious to hear how they sound!

Thanks CG/L.

brooksy said...

was just spinning the record and found this posting - loooove this record... thanks for the up!!

GraemeSTL said...

Whole Real World Records vinyl set plus Test Pressings available on E-Bay from Jan 5th 2011 - unique one off offer!