Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Scam - Everything Ends In A Rot 7"

Here's the 1986 EP of The Scam, a band from Salem, New Hampshire. Great hardcore with a dark, metallic sound.
The Scam also contributed to the 'V/A Welcome To Ax/ction Island' 7" and 'V/A Revenge Of The Kamikaze Stegosaurus From Outer Space' LP, both on Ax/ction Records.
This 7" was also released on Ax/ction although my copy carries another cat.# (SCAM 1).
The Scam recorded an LP in 1988 that was never released, but I could get my hands on it when Strange Reaction still was an MP3 blog (one of the 1st by the way). So if you need it, let me know.
Think I've read that there's a discography CD in the works but I'm not sure.

1. Off Track
2. No Reason To Live
3. All By My Self
4. When The Day Of Your Death Comes
5. The Way Things Are

The Scam


James said...

Thanks for the post! Very cool record!

WC said...

Great post. Used to own this 7" and saw these guys a few times, but never appreciated them until recently. That'd be great if you could post the unreleased LP. Thanks...

Scott said...

I'd be happy to re-upload the unreleased record if anyone still wants it.

Jonah / Clenched Teeth and a Racing Mind blog said...

yes please! I'd love to hear that

Eric Scam said...

Yes there is a compilation coming out on Welfare records. 30 songs, 80 minutes long. Also the sic world lp will be pressed on vinyl and me and the guitarist are talking about recording some new songs.

Anonymous said...

Eric, that's great news. thanks for letting us know...I'll definitely be buying the vinyl.