Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spastic Rats - Rodentia 7"

Nice 7" of Spastic Rats from Annapolis, MD. The 'Rodentia' 7" was released in 1985. Great hardcore with a Hüsker Dü-like sense of melody.
This was the 1st release on Vermin Scum. This label lasted until the early 2000's and released mostly emocore like stuff from bands like Hated and Moss Icon. This one sounds very different from the usual stuff released on this label.

1. Point Of No Return
2. Homelife
3. Snap Judgement
4. Stand Alone
5. Just A Man
6. Living Dead

Spastic Rats


Neal said...

wow, this 7" is awesome. do you happen to have the welcome to ax/ction island comp. that they're on?

great blog too. i've been checking it out for a while.

Curious Guy said...

Hi Neal, no don't have it sorry. It must be posted somewhere I suppose. Will look for it.
Thanks for the appreciation.

ponkmedia.com - said...

Thanks for posting this! I used to correspond with the band after reading about them in MaximumRocknRoll. Sold all my records to raise funds about 18 years ago - and this was one of them (LONG before what's become known as KBD-punk was collectable - I got nothing for them all. Too bad...). Been on the lookout for this. Not bad! keep up the great work with the blog! Cheers, james

Greazy Tony said...

This is a great e.p.! Especially 'Stand Alone'. I forgot about the Ax/ction comp. keep posting the great stuff!

Honquijote said...

Thanks a lot !

Curious Guy said...

Enjoy the noise Honquijote!

Penni said...

I have a copy of both of these records if anyone's interested. Let me dig them out....genuine vibe music @yahoo.com (no spaces.)