Monday, April 21, 2014

Kärnvapen Attack / Stretch - Split Tape

Split tape with 2 HC bands from Zaragoza, Spain. Kärnvapen Attack is the most wellknown. They released a couple of 7"s and one album 'Kunst Und Unkunst'. On this tape you'll find early recordings of which a few ended up on their 1st 7" 'Postnuclear Hardcore'. I came in contact with bassplayer Pu and guitarplayer Pablo in the late 90's when my band Katastrophobia played in Zaragoza (with Seein' Red). After Kärnvapen Attack, both played in Almax who did a split album with Mistkäfer in 2009.
I know nothing about Stretch. They deliver 9 songs which have a bit of a youthcrew influence.
Kärnvapen Attack deliver 20 songs of which the last one is a cover of 'Uskonsota' of Kaaos.
This tape was probably released in 2001.

Kärnvapen Attack / Stretch

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mobcharge - Demos '95-'96

Zippyshare is acting strange these days and I had to re-up the last 5 posts for the 3rd time. Hopefully the links stay for a while.
Mobcharge: if you look at the name you know what to expect. This is one of the many bands who blatantly copy Discharge. Must be fun to play but I can't hardly take this stuff seriously. I'm getting bored with bands using the Dis-prefix, use the Discharge fond and put war victims pictures on their records. I don't mind bands being influenced by Discharge but blatantly copying them is quite lazy.
I won't say that Mobcharge is bad, they're not. Just terribly unoriginal.
They do covers of Varukers, Discharge and Shitlickers (you know which song!).
First 15 tracks is the 3rd demo from 1996. The other tracks are from the 2nd demo from 1995.
Mobcharge were from Barcelona and this tape was a split release between HFN and Sqeal Records.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Grito De Odio - Ejercitos Para La Paz... Hordas De Destrucción

Here's another tape of Grito De Odio, now from 1996. 20 tracks of raw, brutal Spanish HC/punk. No covers this time. Probably their 3rd release after the 1st tape and a split tape with Boxo.

Grito De Odio

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Población Superflua - Demo "95-"97

Compilation of demo recordings of Spanish band Población Superflua. They were from Xixon, Asturies. Can't find info on them. There's also a 10" released in 2012 so the band got together again?
This tape released on the prolific HFN/IMA, co-released with Pirata Records and Autodestrucción.
They cover songs of IV Reich, Disclose and Dead Kennedys.

Población Superflua

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Opa Hostil - Desobediencia Civil Tape

Another tape on HFN/IMA, a tape label with many releases of Spanish bands from the 90's.
Opa Hostil were from Cordoba and this tape is their 1st release. They did a split CD with Grito De Odio in 2000.
Again a rendition of the HHH song 'Pedazo De Tierra, Pedazo De Mierda'. Looks like HHH were still popular years later.

Opa Hostil

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Grito De Odio - Demo '98

Spanish crusty HC band with a strong political message. Don't know where they were exactly from but it seems from the Tarragona area. Already active from the early 90's as a grindcore band. Band split up in the early 2000's. They released a bunch of tapes as well as 2 7"s and 2 split CD's.
Here we have a demo from 1998. Originally released in Spain on Pirata Records but my copy is the Polish version on Stradoom Terror.
16 tracks of which 2 are covers; one of Strangis Guajes and one of classic HC band HHH.

Grito De Odio

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Disturbio Menor + Silencio Absoluto - Hardcore Para Las Masas Tape

Split tape of 2 bands from Chile: Disturbio Menor and Silencio Absoluto.
As far as I know, this the only thing Silencio Absoluto released. Disturbio Menor managed to get a 7" out on Minneapolis label Sin Fronteras in 1997. Those tracks also appear on a split tape with Enfermos Terminales.
The original issue was on Masapunk Records (in 1996) but I have the US version on Sin Fronteras (with cheap xerox cover).
8 tracks each of furious, political HC/punk.

Hardcore Para Las Masas

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Sovjets - 18 Songs Bootleg Tape

The Sovjets were an early punk band from Belgium. They started in 1979 and released two 30 minutes demo tapes. Later they would change their name to Sovjet War and their sound got more wave. As Sovjet War they released the 'It Became A Problem' 7" in 1983.
This tape should have both demos on it but unfortunately only one side is recorded so you'll get only 8 songs. No titles are mentioned on the sleeve but I could manage to find some through their MySpace page.
1. All Systems Go
3. Body On The Lawn
6. CIA
8. Cells
The songs on their MySpace page actually have a better sound so let's hope that the ex-members still have the mastertapes of these recordings. A reissue would be very cool.

The Sovjets