Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vellocet - Here Is The Warning 7"

Vellocet were from Berlin and this is their 1st release from 1985. They did 2 albums after this one 'Captive Of Reality' and 'Welcome To Dimension Four'. Never heard these but I guess they went more metal on these.
Vellocet also appear with 2 tracks on the 'Incredible Power Of Darkness' comp. LP on Inferno's Rise & Fall label.
Vellocet had 2 ex-members of Vorkriegsjugend, bassplayer Heschel and drummer Jürgen Heiland.
A decent continuation of Vorkriegsjugend although the guitarplayer likes to play solos.
12th release on the collectable Pogar label.

1. Armageddon
2. Nightmare
3. Burning Bones
4. Running To Eternity




there lp's are more metal and not very good here is the warning is there best release all the members except the singer were from the hard core punk band vorkriegsjugnd.

Anonymous said...

Really excellent record! Thanks for this. Loads of great stuff on Pogar, eh. There is a touch of Zerstortejugend here as well, particularly in the solos...I think they were related to Vorkriegs as well?

Keep up the good work, CG!

Curious Guy said...

Zerstörte Jugend had one former member of Vorkriegsjugend. Thanks for the appreciation.

kalle said...

hello Curious Guy,
are you still looking for the Numb Sex ep????
i will check out my collection as i think i might have.
please let em know if you stuill have interést in it.here is my email address as i am not really conform abour "blogging"(your one has great tracks though!!!)

Anonymous said...

The first LP is available here: