Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Infected - American Disaster 7"

The sole release of Madison, WI HC punkband The Infected. 7 songs of good old style HC.
This one was released in 1997 on Beer City Records. Some of the records on Beer City are still easy to find and quite cheap. This one is a bit harder to track down.
I always consider Beer City as the Mystic Records of the 90's, without the dodgy attitude off course. The label released about 100 7"s in about 3 years time, helping to expose lesser known bands. All of them with black & white artwork. Beer City got so many demos in that they had to make comp. CD's (the 'Underground Invasion' series). Nowadays they only release CD's (mostly reissues) unfortunately and I lost track of what they're doing now. Still manufacturing skateboards I guess.

Beer City website

1. House Of Richardson
2. Tear Out The Page
3. American Disaster
4. Enemy I
5. Wars On Us
6. Everyone Infected
7. A Man And His Knife

The Infected

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Dan Celebrity said...

Never thought I'd come across this one on a blog! Loved this record in High School (mid/late 90s). Saw 'em with the U.S. Bombs in Milwaukee. The Service played too, so there was like 100 skinheads. Quite the mix, kinda scary, but a total mind blower for the impressionable 16 year old.