Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dead Virgins - Four 7"

Here's another one I don't know anything about. Dead Virgins hailed from NY and released this EP in 1983 on their own Rat Woman Records.
I always thought to expect some rough hardcore with the bandname and titles but this is 100% punk. A bit generic but not bad at all.

1. Rape Capitol Hill (Instructions)
2. No Cause For Concern
3. World War Three
4. Emotional Strain

Dead Virgins


wl said...

Pretty good. Kind of an English influence.

echodcat said...

I am the guitarist and original cofounder of the Dead Virgins. I am also the cowriter or writer of all the songs. We never considered ourselves to be a Hardcore band. Our influence was always mainly British Punk (the original late 70's). If anyone has any questions please email me at

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment here. Always nice to know that ex-members still care for what they did so many years ago.
All the best.