Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Euthanasia - Ämpäri Päässä Pyöränkumia Pumppaa Tape

As requested by Zombie. Here's the cassette album of Finnish HC band Euthanasia. Already posted their 7" a while ago.
Don't know when this one was released but I guess 1989, looking at the sleeve. Songs were recorded in 1988.
There are some flaws with the tape. Maybe it's my copy but the seller I got it from told me that the original tape has these as well.
I recorded each side as one track as it was hard to seperate the songs. File has the sleeve with tracklist.
I love the Finnish language but typing it out is such a pain in the butt. Here we go:

1. Ämpäripäinen Kostaja
2. Videonsaantipakko
3. Polta Adidakses'
4. Lahja
5. Liity Joukkoon
6. Petturi Kattoni Alla
7. Pää Räjähtää
8. Valaistus
9. Materialisti
10. Kenraali Gaylord
11. Peniksennappaaja Perunakellarissa
12. Jeesuksen Vararikko
13. Pimeyden Valtias
14. Naapurini On Kyylä
15. Robinson Crusoe
16. Perhe On Saha
17. Lappiin Lappiin



Sulis said...

Thank you. Been looking for this awhile.

You don´t happen to have anything by a band called Section 46 from Canada?

Zombie said...

Thank you very much.
How about Y.U.P.'s finnish material, if you want to hear language more?

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,
Sorry it took so damn long, but I finally got the 918-V you wanted to upload. I still have the same shitty computer, but hopefully this will be the start of something more..Thanks for being soooo patient Cheers>>>Rg


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bogus file, but I fixed it:

I'll get the art to you from my homie, he's the only one with it>Rg aka Jughead

Anonymous said...

Happen to be able to upload it again, the link fucked up? D:

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!