Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vicious Circle/Perdition - Split LP

Here's the 1st split LP of Australian bands released on Flipside to help introduce them to the US HC scene. 2nd one is the Depression/Gash split.
Vicious Circle's side starts with a few songs never released on their own releases. The song 'Rights Dub' is a re-worked version of 'Police Brutality', one of their best known songs as it appeared on the War/Peace comp. on Rradical. The last 5 tracks is the complete 'Search For The Solution' 7", originally released on Reactor in 1985.
Perdition's side has songs taken from 'The Intoxicated' EP and their only album 'How To Teach Your Budgie To Talk'. 'Degeneration' and 'New Anarchy (Dub)' can only be found here.

Vicious Circle
1. Epitaph
2. Supplied Demise
3. Coconut Song
4. Distant Cry
5. Dwelling On Thoughts
6. Rights Dub
7. Vicious Circle
8. Personality Crisis
9. Trapped
10. Claws Of Death
11. Corporate Death Scheme

1. I'm Laughing
2. Just One Mistake
3. Degeneration
4. Progress Where?
5. Big Problems
6. Nothing For You
7. Deserve To Die
8. New Anarchy (Dub)

Vicious Circle/Perdition



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Chris said...

Vicious Circle ruled back then. Too bad they started sounding NYHC.