Saturday, August 15, 2009

Depression - Money Chain 7"

Thanks to Dougal for another generous gift. Never had the 1st Depression vinyl release.
I think anyone already know about Depression as one of the 1st HC bands from Australia. They did some other great releases like the self-titled LP, 'Australia, Australia' 12" on Reactor.
Later they signed to Cleopatra for a live album, the 'Big Brother' 7" and 'Thrash Till Death' LP.

Note: last 2 tracks ripped as one track.

1. Money Chain
2. Soldiers Never Cry
3. World Leaders

Link removed. Seems that Reactor Records will release a Depression discography CD.


Anonymous said...

Check out the official Depression discography CD out now on Reactor Records. Also, if Phil MacDougal from Reactor Records sees this post, he'll blow a gasket about you "ripping him off."

Curious Guy said...

OK. didn't know this so I'm going to remove the link.