Saturday, August 1, 2009

Love Canal - It's A Dogs Life So Blow It Out Yer Ass LP

Requested by many so here it finally is.
Had to lend a copy of a friend as my copy has one side slightly off-centre causing some warped sound.
Named after a Niagara Falls, NY neighborhood built on a massive toxic waste dump, Love Canal from Huntington Beach, CA, formed in 1982 after The Skoundrelz broke up.
They also appeared on the "Half Skull" comp. 7" on Insane Industries as well as on the Mystic comp. "Clockwork Orange County" and "Covers". Well they play a Hendrix tune here.
The album was recorded in 1985 except for the last 4 tracks which were recorded in 1983 and suffer from lesser quality unfortunately.
"Funk You", "Friends" and "Lurking In The Dark" were originally written by pre-Love Canal band The Skoundrelz. I think The Skoundrelz appeared on one of the BCT comp. tapes.

Singer Kerry was in Motherfist after Love Canal split up.

Read somewhere that Grand Theft Audio planned to release a discography CD but I've never seen one.

There's a MySpace page for the band . Seems they reformed in 2007 and play live again.

The LP was released in 1985 on National Trust Records.

National Trust Records discography:
NT 884 Vandals - When In Rome... LP
NT 885 M.I.A. - Notes From The Underground LP
NT 886 ?????????????????????????
NT 887 Love Canal - It's A Dogs Life So Blow It Out Yer Ass LP
NT 888 Sextet - s/t LP
NT 889 Don't No -Incite The Riot LP
NT 890 Detonators - Just Another Reason LP
NT 891 Fang - Spun Helga LP
NT 892 Doggy Style - Last Laugh LP
NT 893 Rights Of The Accused - Dillinger's Alley LP

1. Scratch In "Z" Minor
2. This Is America
3. Broken Windshield
4. Funk You
5. Friends
6. Black Clouds
7. Hey Joe
8. Drunk & Stupid
9. Lurking In The Dark
10. Banned From Huntington
11. Larry Flint
12. Dark Shadows
13. Histler's Brain
14. Worm Crawl In "R" Major


James said...

Thankyou! Thankyou!! Really under-rated band. As for the GTA CD project, I wrote to Kerry (singer) a while back, and he responded: "yeah, whatever happened to Grand Theft Audio?" Hopefully it will eventually come out - GTA are still in business. If not there, maybe somewhere else. Anyone ever hear this other band Kerry was in?? Thanks again - this blog is killer!! (P.S. another request - hope you won't mind - "Big Fish Stories" by The Crowd. WAY out of print...) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

GTA is still around but he has a huge backlog of projects and bands have been slow in getting him material to complete the projects.

Curious Guy said...

Yes it's quiet on the GTA front already for a while.
Will see if my friend has the album of The Crowd.

Honquijote said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this one !

Anonymous said...

Looking at the records artwork, i'd like to stick a firecracker up that kid's ass and see how he likes it!

Curious Guy said...

I'm very opposed to animal abuse myself. But this is just a drawing and it doesn't offend me at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.
Until now, i´ve never seen this in blogosphere.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hey. Is there anyway you upload this to something like mediafire/4shared/rapidshare? I can't use iLivid :-/

Curious Guy said...

New link on Zippyshare. Let me know if it works fine.

Anonymous said...

It works. Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it!

Unknown said...

All links are dead, could you possibly reup?...please