Saturday, August 29, 2009

10-96 - 2 EP's

Someone asked for some more 10-96. Here's the 2 7" EP's released on Beer City.
'Gas Bag' is the 1st one. Most tracks were re-recorded for their 'No Retreat' album, except for the Fuck-Ups cover (track 12).
'Catastrophe' was the band's last release. Here we find another cover 'Folsom Prison Blues'.

Note: some songs ripped as one track as it was impossible to separate them.

Gas Bag 7" EP (1994)
1. Old School
2. Isnt Life Crazy
3. Intensation
4. Mental Chant
5. Bullshit
6. Gotcha Goin'
7. Fuckhead
8. Dred Song
9. Why
10. Friendship
11. Pigs Law
12. I Think Your Shit

Catastrophe 7" EP (1997)
1. What The Fuck
2. Pressure
3. I Met Him There
4. Runaway
5. Riot Tonight
6. Think Please
7. Trust
8. Folsom Prison Blues




Pretty good stuff. Being an old stubborn fart I missed(skipped)out on a lot of the mid 90's stuff, mostly voluntarily.Thanks for the post. I think I still owe you a couple rips from your want list. I'll see what I have and what you're requesting...Thx again

Curious Guy said...

Same with me :) But some friends turned me on to some good stuff from the 90's so I regained my interest in HC, even to this day.

James Jesus said...

Thanks!! This band is pretty cool. I have their album but hadn't heard the e.p's (which are long out of print) - I prefer the 7"s to the album. As always, thanks for your efforts with the blog!!

Curious Guy said...

Shared with pleasure!


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Lou said...

Holy balls, thanks for posting this. I'm a huge 10-96 fan, but it's so hard to find their shit!

Anonymous said...

I get my kicks from 10-96! Many thanks for these. Any way you could post their split with Stand Off? They also had a tape out way back when called "Cop Magnet". Never actually heard of anyone owning a copy though.

Curious Guy said...

Are you sure about that split? Never heard of it. There's a split posted here with Insult To Injury.
Can't help you with the tape either.
Thanks everyone for digging 10-96!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've actually got the split with Stand Off, just no turntable. All the 10-96 songs are on the LP. Stand Off is Erik from Default and Remission's old band. Kind of an oi!/punk thing. I used to talk to Dean Dirt years ago, that's the only way I know about the tape. He used to sell 32 oz. 10-96 shot glasses.

Curious Guy said...

Never seen or heard that split. Tried googling for it but nothing came up. Must be prety rare. Found out that Stand Off did a 7" "All Over", also pretty limited.

FAB said...

I don't own the split 7" but i own the Stand Off "Over All" 7" which is raging fast hardcore, 7 tracks, not Oi!/Punk at all. It's numbered out of 300 copies on green vinyl, on Power Ground/Distraught Records but i'm almost sure i've seen a repress on black vinyl, only on Power Ground this time. Excellent record.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the info Fab. Another one I'll have to hunt for.

Zak said...

The 10-96 tape "Cop Magnet" did exist from 1995 maybe?. I had a copy but lost it in a fire (with everything else I owned). Would love to hear it again if someone has it.