Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jackshit - Hicktown EP

HC punk band from Reno with a connection to 7 Seconds. They also appeared on the 1st Positive Force release, the 'Nuke Your Drink' comp. 7", and the 1st We Got Party comp. album on Mystic.
6 tracks with funny lyrics. Released in 1984 on Squirtdown Records.

1. Hicktown
2. We Still Like Drugs
3. Champagne For Breakfast
4. E.T. Go Home
5. Gimpy
6. Keys In The Car



Honquijote said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this !

JIM HAYES said...

hey-sorry to fudge a post by jackshit're the phoenix hairpins guy-why are you looking for the smd 1 sided record? i doubt if you'll find any-i threw the last fifty to seventy copies away in 89! i have a test pressing left. It's not very good. Thanks for the no trend! Jim

Curious Guy said...

Hi Jim, good to know you like No Trend as well. I'm just curious about the SMD 1-sided LP. Maybe it's not that good but would like to give it a listen.
Take care,

JIM HAYES said...

hey CG: it was just garage punk-hardcore about 100 of em have a blank side and another 100 have a test tone all the way through-there's probably 200 or 220 out there. I might be able to get it digital. If so i'll drop a line. JH

Stich said...

I have this EP and want to find someone that has a setup to rip the songs to MP3s. I'd be happy to sell the vinyl then to a collector. It was one of my favorites. I was just singing "Keys in the Car" this morning.

Tyler Freear said...

Heard about these guys from the Nuke Your Dink comp and I thought they were pretty bad ass fast hardcore. I had no idea they released anything else other than those two comp appearances.

Can you re-up this? I'd love to hear it.

Curious Guy said...

Up again!