Monday, August 18, 2008


As requested by a visitor of Down Underground. One of my friend's collection.
Here's the 2nd comp. documenting the Berlin punk scene from the early 80's. This record was made possible through the money made from a festival they did at the KZ 36 squat. Bands like TNT from Switzerland, Vopos from Holland, Zounds and Slime played that day.
29 tracks from 9 diverse bands. Released in 1981.
1st volume can be found here.

1. Beton Combo - Dick Bonz
2. Beton Combo - Gropiusstadt
3. Beton Combo - Beton Kids
4. Stromsperre - Overtüre - Alltag
5. Stromsperre - Hauptthematik - W.H.A.S.S.
6. Stromsperre - Leitmotiv - Frustriert
7. Stromsperre -Rezitativ Und Arie - Spaß Muß Sein
8. Stromsperre - Da Capo - Kob
9. Rucki Zucki Stimmungskapelle - Rucki Zucki
10. Rucki Zucki Stimmungskapelle - Niederschlag Im Sonderangebot
11. Rucki Zucki Stimmungskapelle - Wunsch
12. Rucki Zucki Stimmungskapelle - Hejo
13. Kaiserschnitt - Ruhe Anstand Frieden
14. Kaiserschnitt - So Long Ago
15. Actosin Pervers - UFO
16. Actosin Pervers - Metalltod
17. Actosin Pervers - Zukunftstraum
18. Vitamin A - Moderne Zeiten
19. Vitamin A - Alltag
20. Vitamin A - Anarchie In Disneyland
21. Vitamin A - K 36
22. Gegenwind - Fortschritt
23. Gegenwind - Regy
24. Gegenwind - Söldner
25. Ix-Toc-I - Alternativ
26. Ix-Toc-I - Nichts Gesehen
27. Ix-Toc-I - Ach Du Schreck
28. Reflex - Anarchie
29. Reflex - Kirche

KZ 36 II


baba said...

hey thanks for this one .. just saw the comment on marks blog that you uploaded it ... well then thanks a lot even if i'm not the requester ;)

Curious Guy said...

Enjoy Baba.

The Racing Rabbit said...

As I was the one who requested ...

Thanx a lot! One of the REAL gems of early 80s punk in Germany.

No chance for brown/nationalist assholes there.

Curious Guy said...

Enjoy racing rabbit. There's only one place were those WP/RAC/nazi idiots belong and that's very deep under the ground.

Anonymous said...

Hi, got here thru Marks Down Undeground too. Thanks for this rare gem! And this bog is amazing! Thanks

Fernando :)

Schrottvogel said...

I got here through, well, I don't really know, but I've been looking for this for ages! Thanks! (I'm working at the place where the KZ36 was, which is why I feel specially attached to it.)

And if you'd be able to dig up that VISA Tonkooperative sampler, it'd be great. It was made by bands who felt cheated by the KZ 36 owners, invested put the money from KZ36 II into their place instead of giving it to the bands. Anyway, by the end of 1981, the KZ36 was history, and one of the owners, Karl Walterbach, formed the famous label Aggressive Rockproduktionen.

wilddevilman said...

thanks for this rare one

Donut Duck said...

Ahh, i had that one too, priceless album!