Thursday, August 14, 2008

Deface - s/t 7" / Government Denies Knowledge 7"

One of the better bands from the 90's. Deface isn't so wellknown but members are veterans of the USHC scene. Kevin Reed and Eric McIntire were also in the first line-up of Attitude Adjustment. Eric played bass on the 'Deadly Serious' demo. Kevin was replaced by Andy Andersen and Eric was asked to leave the band afterwards. So they didn't appear on their most wellknown release 'American Paranoia'. After Attitude Adjustment fell apart, they reformed with Kevin and Eric which released albums like 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' and 'Out Of Hand'. You could say that Deface was the follow-up band as Sean Sutton who plays guitar in Deface, also played in the last line-up of Attitude Adjustment.
Eric and Kevin also play in the great Deathtoll. They have a 7" on Kangaroo Records and a split album with Blown To Bits on Despotic Records.

Attitude Adjustment reformed again. Check their Myspace page here.
Deathtoll on MySpace here.
Deface on MySpace as well here.

s/t 7" (Deep Six Records-1996)
1. Human See Human Do
2. Click
3. A Mile Away
4. Behind Locked Doors

Government Denies Knowledge 7" (Beer City Records-1996)
1. Me As...
2. Religious Cancer
3. Government Denies Knowledge
4. Poached



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