Monday, August 11, 2008

Imminent Attack - Element Of Surprise MLP

This band from the US was formed in the early 80's. Members were from Mt. Hoteb and Madison, WI.
Imminent Attack did 2 tapes before this album. Some songs appeared on the 'America's Dairyland' comp. tape. After the album, the band went for a more metal direction.
Guitarplayer Mike Hunsberger is still active as a musician and played in Westworld and Alien Faktor. He works solo now as Vampire Tap.
There's an interesting page on Imminent Attack here with full list of recordings and pictures from the old days.
'Element Of Surprise' was self-released in 1984.

1. Perpetual World
2. Element Of Surprise
3. My Skin
4. Basement
5. Destruction
6. Last Stand
7. What Do I See?
8. Starve
9. Smash The Bore
10. Hunter
11. Do You Know

Imminent Attack


Anonymous said...

I saw Immanent Attack probably in '86, they looked alot like Slayer. I think I even have some photos of them...

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