Thursday, July 3, 2008

V/A Life Is A Joke LP

First of a series of 3 international compilation albums released on German label Weird System.
9 bands from as many countries delivering 2 tracks each. Released in 1984. This is the best in the series with alot of diversity delivered.
From the U.S. comes Fang. If you like their early albums you'll dig the tracks here as well.
Savage Circle isn't the NY band but from Italy.
From Brazil we have Inocentes.
Hysteria comes from the UK and mixes punk with a slight goth touch. They did a 12" later that can be found here.
Civil Dissident from Australia is one of the best hardcore punk bands from the 80's ever. Did release a 7" back in the day but Prank released a full length of them as well a few years ago. It's not so hard to get.
From South Africa comes Riot Squad S.A. 1st song is from their 7". 2nd one recorded as Reaction Unit.
The German band here is Razzia.
From Finland we have Terveet Kädet. No introduction necessary.
From Spain we have Shit S.A. The 2 tracks here are the only ones I ever heard. Don't know if they recorded a demo or so.

Life Is A Joke



hey im interested to know what fang songs are on here?

Curious Guy said...

Fang songs are "Red Threat" and "Fun with Acid (Ill Version)".

Donut Duck said...

This is a great compilation, but i liked Vol.II (the double lp) and Vol.III better. Shit S.A. have at least recorded a demo tape.


Curious Guy said...

I only have the single album version of Vol. II. It's a good one but alot of tracks appeared somewhere else. I need to listen to both albums again as it's a long time ago.

Donut Duck said...

Vol.III had an incredible Hell's Kitchen track, Bloody Knees, different from the LP version.


Thanks for this one Curious Guy.
I remember having this on multi color wax.Weird System was cool like that,always putting out numbered copies available in colored vinyl...they were great with promotion too,sending me promo posters and freebies.

Ah the memories :)

jove moix said...

wow, great to see another amazing blog made by you curious guy... really great!

by the way, what a great comp is this "life is a joke"! shit sa songs are two of my favs, i admit -and not because they were from my hometown :)

but guess what? finally, on september there's gonna be a reissue of their demos + lives in cd format --yep, a shame it's not in lp!-- made by bcore disc. what great news, aren't they?

keep doing so lovely work!

Anonymous said...

Shit SA (= Mierda, Inc.) had a demo rec. in 2/84 (the source for the 2 tracks here (if memory serves - Fuckin shit = Puta mierda, Revive tu vida = Re-live your life) as well as the one in PEACE, Abortos = Abortions) and then there's a rehearsal tape rec. in 3/85 with Boliche (pre-Subterranean Kids) drumming pretty fast. That second tape includes a Civil Dissident cover btw. And there were some live recordings here and there.
The band had a long story: in 81-82 most of them were playing in Attak (D-Beat pioneers in Barcelona), and previosly ca 1980 in Clinic Humanoyds. Singer "Wells" had been in other bands now I don't remember.
This is only to complete the info that Jove Moix gave - btw I owe you a mail Edu ;)
Thanks for sharing all this stuff Curious Guy!!!

Fernando :)

Narcy ex KFSR DJ said...

Oh my gosh ... this is awesome!

I used to play this album on my radio show at KFSR Fresno 90.7 FM.

I found this compilation in the stacks in back around 1993 .. I played Terveet Kadet "Sota" endlessly through 1997. I was already on the ten-year plan in college and campus radio was a great slothful fun...

Thank you so much for uploading the album! I just heard Sota for the first time in probably a decade and it was great -- just awesome.

I always thought the sarcastic title with the cover art (people in a conflict zone) was a "light" touch.

Thank you again!

George (Narcy), ex KFSR dj now a writer and adjunct college English professor...

gconsta100 -at- y a h o o c o m

Thursday 3/19/2009
Los Angeles, California USA

Billie Holiday said...

second volume can be found here:

i really must say you blog is absolutely brilliant i am so happy i found it, i was searching for shock headed peters after listening to there song "I, Bloodbrother Be (£ 4,000 Love Letter)" over and over for the past year, spent about a week searching, was almost prepared to buy the album for almost a days pay when i stumbled on what i have realised is a fabulous blog.

thank you, i really appreciate the time and effort you put into this fantastic ode to music, thanks from Australia.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the appreciation Billie. Unfortunately the link you provided doesnt work.

Billie Holiday said...

devo well i tried to be a participating member, worked for me tho.

Curious Guy said...

Link works now. Thanks Billie.

Anonymous said...

hey friend ! the link dont work !can repair it?

Curious Guy said...

File got lost. Need to ask a friend for a new link. Please have patience.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!