Monday, July 21, 2008

Rejectors/The Accused - Split LP

I've got some records of a friend of mine which I can rip and post here. And as a promise, I post this great split album first.
I'm a bit surprised that I haven't seen this one on any blog.
This album collects 2 of the best Seattle hardcore bands. The Rejectors also released the great 'Thoughts Of War' 7".
The Accused here is the same as the one who recorded the 'Martha Splatterhead' album, but this is the very early line-up and they sound very different. Even Blaine Cook (ex-Fartz) isn't on these recordings. I think the only original member is guitarplayer Tom.
I included the lyrics sheet for both bands in the file as well.
Released by the bands themselves in 1983.

1. Struggle
2. Anti-Patriot
3. Gang Bang
4. Through My Mind's Eye
5. No Justice
6. My World
7. Conservative Minority
8. The Masque Of A
9. Work Machine
10. Proud Few
11. False Prosperity
12. Change
13. The End

The Accused
1. Tomorrow Belongs To Me
2. Child These Days
3. Bring The Riots To The USA
4. No Reason
5. Political Nightmare
6. Gain Green
7. I'm A Mistake
8. Wake The Fuck Up!
9. But What About Later
10. Live Our Own Lives
11. Life's A Waste
12. Like You
13. Reagan's War Puppets
14. The Right

Note: Political Nightmare & Gain Green ripped as one track.Rejectors / The Accused


bernard the frog said...

someone posted the accused side of it cant remember who but always wanted to hear these too,so great i can hear the rejectors now cheers curious

Anonymous said...

A simply amazing record, and surprisingly astute. Percy B. Shelley? Ha! Who knew? Love it. Keep up the good work!


this is great thanks for the download!!

toxik boys said...

thanks friend, this is a great one!

Chris said...

I'd forgotten how good this was! I traded my copy about 10 years ago to a good friend of mine. He's now my housemate, and it's upstairs in HIS room!!! Not mine anymore, pretty difficult to get another (unless I drop a lot of cash!), just gotta learn to live with the pain......

Matt said...

please PLEASE re-upload this in .zip format! PLEASE!

Curious Guy said...

File got lost. Asked a friend to send me the file but it can take a while. Will let you know when this one is up again.

Curious Guy said...

New link Matt. Enjoy!

Krug said...

any chance of a re-up? thanx

Curious Guy said...

New link Krug. Enjoy!

Matt Again... said...

PLEASE REPOST IF YOU CAN! I had it on my old computer and cant get my old files off it.