Monday, July 28, 2008

V/A The Big Apple - Rotten To The Core LP

Excellent NY compilation released in 1982 on the ISM label S.I.N. Records. Subtitled 'High Energy Rock From N.Y.C.'.
ISM released their classic 'A Diet For The Worms' LP in 1983 and can be found on Good Bad Music here.
The other wellknown band is The Mob who released 2 7"s and the 'We Came To Crush' LP.
The other bands didn't release anything else and I can't find much info on them as well. I especially like the female fronted Killer Instinct. Unfortunately they only have 2 songs on here.

1. ISM - John Hinckley Jr
2. Squirm - Fuck You Brooke Shields
3. Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - Smashed Rats
4. The Mob - Common Criminal
5. Killer Instinct - Killer Instinct
6. The Headlickers - House Of Detention
7. Squirm - Dead Girls Don't Say No
8. Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - You're Nothing But Make Up
9. ISM - Proud To Be Guilty
10. Squirm - Love Someone
11. ISM - Moon The Moonies
12. The Headlickers - Hey Mom
13. The Mob - 101
14. Squirm - Shangai A-Go-Go
15. Killer Instinct - Torture You First
16. Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - Nervousness And Danger
17. The Headlickers -
18. ISM - Nixon Now More Than Ever
19. Squirm - Go Die
20. Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - Degenerate World

The Big Apple Rotten To The Core


bernard the frog said...

you dont half come up with the goods curious,i,d forgotten all about this one nice one mate

Anonymous said...

Hey CG! Graet Choice man. This is one of those comps. you (if you're anything like me) lay in bed and wonder how good to hear it would be. You're like the lets make a wish foundation for purveyors of good music lol >Thank you>>Rg

bernard the frog said...

well said above i like that

Donut Duck said...

One of the best NY compilations. Healthy in a sort of way, before it all became too run down by macho jocks and peer pressure. Later NYHC sucked big time.


Curious Guy said...

I completely agree with your opinion DD.

Greazy Tony said...

Thanx for this! My vinyl is locked up and I've been dying to hear this again! Killer Instinct and Proud to Be Guilty are simply untouchable! Smashed Rats is a toe tapper too.

Honquijote said...

Thanks a lot for this compilation !

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Armed Citizens on this 12 inch??

Anonymous said...

about 2 years I came across a copy of this on CD in Manhattan. I think it may be a bootleg? But it has the original cover and rear cover all the tracks and it is a really good digital sound quality. I a may consider selling it I played it once and recorded it. If you are interested please post here and i will get back to you.

thomas tirrell said...


Curious Guy said...

Hi Thomas, file got lost but I'll ask a friend to upload it for me. Just have a bit of patience.

Curious Guy said...

Ripped this one again. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

See, Producer Bob Sallese's new public facebook, "Proud To Be Guilty with Bob Sallese" (with links to Big Apple Rotten To The Core page @