Sunday, July 4, 2010

V/A 77 KK LP

1st release on French label 77 KK. This compilation has one side of French bands, the other has US bands.
I must admit that I'm not a big fan of the typical skunk sound of the French bands. The French scene was full of violence at the time from what I've heard.
The comp. starts with Snix from Lille, one of the most dodgy bands from France. Skinhead band with a violent following. They also released an album on Rock-O-Rama so that says a lot. Not going to accuse them as a WP band but they were very patriotic and probably didn't have a problem with the more extreme side of the skinhead movement. Also did an LP on 77 KK as well.
Warrior Kids brings us a more ska-influenced punk track. Also did an album for 77 KK.
Some of the US bands' tracks were already released but Red Tide, Mission Impossible and Ghost Walks deliver exclusive ones.
Ghost Walks is a follow-up band of Stains (from Portland, not the SST band).

1. Snix - Pas Le Droit à L'Erreur
2. Trotskids - Dernier Repas
3. Tolbiac's Toads - Il Suffirait D'Un Jour
4. Nevrose - L'Amour Aveugle
5. Al Kapott - Bretagne 44
6. Warrior Kids - Ville Morte
7. Collabos - Tagadagadag
8. 76% Uncertain - Coffee Achievers
9. D.O.A. - I'm Right You're Wrong
10. Red Tide - Where Sea Meets Sky
11. White Cross - More Lies
12. Mission Impossible - Life Already Drawn
13. Youth Brigade - Sink With California
14. Ghost Walks - Fallen Angel

77 KK


WildDevilMan said...

cool post! like the old french punk/oi! stuff.

Curious Guy said...

Volume 2 up this weekend.


Rock-O-Rama started as a punk lable released some great records before they started to release white power trash.Rock-O-Rama had alot of anti nazi band like ohl nuerotic aresholes appendix and a few other

jolicoeur said...

The guys from 77 records play in Nevrose and this band was nationalist and maybe fascist.
Tolbiac toads and Snix were nationalist too and maybe fascist. Warrior kids were patriotics and now play again. Trotskids, Collabos, Al kapott are bands from Chaos records (Chaos en france).
Great american side with White cross, GI, Youth brigade...

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the info Jolicoeur. I know that some French bands were very dubious. Strange combination on this compilation.
Rock-O-Rama was indeed a punk label before they went dodgy. The Snix album was released in the 'bonehead' phase though.

WildDevilMan said...

Hey Curious Guy,
like your blog, ask you if you want to add mine in you r blog list?? i really like too.....DEAL??

WildDevilMan said...

thanks Curious Gay, add you too.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can re-upload this? Would be awesome if you could!