Saturday, June 19, 2010

Disgorge - Big Trouble Bachten De Kupe MC

A few bands use Disgorge as bandname but this one is the Belgian one. Maybe some will know them from a split 7" with Agathocles released in the late 80's.
Disgorge started somewhere mid-80's in Veurne, close to the French border and the sea. The area is known as 'Bachten De Kupe' as it lays behind the Yser, a small river that played an important role in the 1st World War.
The later Disgorge sounded pretty grindy with a drummer that really didn't have a problem playing blast beats. He even played once with my old band when our drummer was forced to leave by his parents. Total improvisation and way too fast! But a cool guy nevertheless. They did a 2nd demo "New Wave Sucks" but here is the more hardcore-sounding 1st tape of them released in 1986. Some people think of Zyklome A when listening to this.
It seems that they got some problems with the local new wave folks who laughed at them so hence the title of the song and 2nd demo.
Don't know what happened to them later but I heard a rumour that one of them is a cop now.

1. School
2. Katholic Club
3. Gods Own Land
4. Expensive Army
5. Blood-Films
6. Fascist Attitudes
7. Niets En Niemand
8. Olympia
9. Martens VI
10. N.M.B.S.
11. Capitaine Flame
12. Disgorge (Live)
13. A-Team (Live)
14. Intro
15. Real Cops
16. Lessons Of Condition
17. Instrumentaal
18. A-Team
19. Destroy The Arena's
20. New-Wave Sucks
21. Kots
22. Go Away
23. Non Important Lives
24. RIOT



Disgorge were born out the ashes of ATTIC 22. 2 of the members of Attic 22 we're more into new-wave and wan't to play more wave stuff.The other 2 started Disgorge in 1985. That's the reason they hate new-wave.Attic 22 recorded a demo in 1984. I only heard 2 songs it's sounds like the most Belgian bands of that erea. Solid punk music not fast not slow.Cheers

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the info. Heard of ATTIC 22 but didn't know there was a connection. Would like to hear that demo.

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New link. Enjoy!

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please reupload DISGORGE