Saturday, July 17, 2010

10-96/Stand Off - Illusion Of Freedom Split 7"

Someone mentioned this split 7" that I didn't know about a while ago and I could finally score a copy.
6 tracks of 10-96 which can be found on their album as well. Stand Off deliver 5 tracks not released elsewhere.
This 7" was released sometime mid-90's on Stand Off Records and Trouser Cough Records. Trouser Cough also released a 7" of Boris The Sprinkler.

1. 10-96 - Pigs Law
2. 10-96 - Why
3. 10-96 - Wankers
4. 10-96 - Punk Rock
5. 10-96 - Money
6. 10-96 - Rag
7. Stand Off - Suburban Life
8. Stand Off - Aimless
9. Stand Off - Forgotten Casualty
10. Stand Off - Push Comes To Shove
11. Stand Off - Generica

Illusion Of Freedom


7inchcrust said...

this is on your want list:
Gash-st 7":


EBOB said...

Awesome! It's always great to hear more 10-96!!! This recording sounds a lot better than I was expecting it to sound, definately the best recording I've heard other than the LP. The first half of their side sounds a little slow and really sloppy, but the last two songs are fucking tight and fast as fuck!! Fucking awesome!!!
The Stand Off side is good, too. Nice classic stlye punk,definately one of the best Manitowoc bands. 'Forgotten Casualty', 'Push Comes To Shove', both really solid songs. Their side reminds me of the first Asinine Solution EP, but better. Great split!
So in honor of this excellent record, I've posted the URBN DK + Bitchslap sp[lit 7". It's not quite as good as this one, but it's still awesome!