Friday, July 23, 2010

Gash - s/t 7"

Thanks to the people at 7inchcrust for this rare 7".
This is the 1st release of Gash when they became a trio. Singer Anna left the band and guitarplayer Liz took over the vocals. Like Depression, they also left Reactor Records for Cleopatra. This is also the 2nd phase of this band going a bit more metal. Still like this 7" more than the 'Positive Change' album.
I found out that 'The Lesson' and 'World Turmoil' were released in Germany on a split 7" with Depression. The other 2 tracks can also be heard on the 'Apathy... Never!' comp. album released on Over The Top.
This 7" was released in 1986.
Read the whole Gash history on KFTH.

1. The Lesson
2. World In Turmoil
3. Wasted Lives
4. All That Shit




glad to see you finally got this. i know you were looking for this one for quite a while. it's a ripper for sure. keep up the good work...

DEZAKATO said...

Brazil band !