Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Red Beret - First Impression LP

Got some requests for this one.
First heard Long Beach punkers Red Beret on the Mystic comp. 'You Can't Argue With Suckcess'. All these tracks also appear on their sole album. In fact those songs are the best ones. I was a little disappointed when I heard this album for the first time. The other songs are way slower, some OK others not that good. Better skip 'I'm A Believer' 'cos it's dreadful, but I never liked that song anyway.
Red Beret also appears on the 'When Men Were Men...' comp. LP posted a while ago.
'First Impression' was released on Bemisbrain/Enigma in 1984.

1. N.Y.B.
2. One Day
3. Can't Take It
4. Silent Scream
5. Suicide
6. Saturnine
7. I'm A Believer
8. The Spirit Of Perverseness
9. No Time For Losers
10. Pull The Plug
11. Unhappy Boston
12. Shoot'em In The Head

Red Beret


ponkmedia.com - said...

Hey! I think I'm in love with you... Thanks so much for posting this rarity. Had this in the day & had to sell nearly all my vinyl in the 90's to pay the rent. Hope you won't mind a couple of requests for long gone obscurities:

BASIC MATH. [7" e.p.]
THE CROWD big fish stories LP
INSOLENTS Spit in the mirror LP
LOVE CANAL It's a dog's life so ... LP
SPECIAL FORCES s/t LP (released on a French label; some of the contents appeared on the Them Boners comp) 1987 – their 2nd LP.
v/a CHUNKS comp.

Take care & have a bitchin' day!!

bernard the frog said...

another post of something i,ve always wanted to hear cheers curious

Anonymous said...

Been looking for this for years, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. Love this band

Wayne said...

awesome blog, link exchange?


Curious Guy said...

ponkmedia, I have the Love Canal LP. Gonna ask some friends for the others.

Shared with pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is definitely a disappointment from their tracks off the mystic comp but there's actually a few hc tunes on it. It appeared Red Beret were trying to do something different on this record but some bands are only meant to play hc. This record might have been great if they had a better vocalist.

Anonymous said...

Hey ponkmedia, I don't think Basic Math had an EP but they had one track on Half Skull comp ep. I have cd-r copies of Insolents, Special Forces, and Subterfuge.

ponkmedia.com - said...

Hey Curious Guy - that would be awesome - this blog is f***in' killer... thanks!!

Anonymous - Basic Math did indeed have an e.p. - I bought it from a band member via mailorder back in '84 or so... wish I still had it. Would love some more info on the Insolents, Special Forces, & Subterfuge (all long out of print). Any chance of posting them with some links?

James said...

Wow... been looking out for this for years!! Thanks, man. It's a pretty good album. I'll second those requests for Basic Math, the Crowd and the Insolents!! Those were the days. Another really hard one to find is the Confederate "surrender or just fight" album. Would love to find that, especially with the artwork. Just in case you didn't know it, this blog is one of the best out there. cheers!!

Curious Guy said...

Praise yourself lucky James as the Confederate LP is one I got from a friend to rip. So expect it here very soon.

Greg-RedBeret said...

I must say im surprized to see this posting.
I released these recordings a long time ago.
Thanks for the feedback

Greg-RedBeret said...


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I things that it is the best album of this band , I would like to have the album but I cannot get one, so I think that it is so good, I love the song The Spirit Of Perverseness.