Saturday, April 11, 2009

N.V. Le Anderen / Riot - The Sound Of The Streets LP

Here's another classic release from Holland. Released on Vögelspin Records in 1982. Both bands are more on the streetpunk side but they play quite fast and dirty.
N.V. Le Anderen was a skinhead band from Wormer. They also did another 12" and changed their name to NV Boys a few years later. Grand Theft Audio did a discography CD of them a few years ago.
Riot on the other side has never been reissued. Great fast punk although I can live without the tracks 'Bolero' and 'When The Punx Are Marching In'.

N.V. Le Anderen
1. Troublemakers Skinheads
2. Work Till 65
3. Religion
4. Imitation
5. Wormer
6. Death Ship
7. Between The Easts
8. Kerntroep
9. Don't Believe Them
10. Rockabilly

1. Children
2. No More War
3. War
4. Thatcher
5. Radioactivetie
6. Last Execution
7. N.R.1
8. Riot Punx
9. Bolero
10. What Did You Learn
11. When The Punx Are Marching In

The Sound Of The Streets

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