Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kwik Way - s/t LP

Don't know anything about this band. They were from Berkeley, CA and this mini-album is the only release I know of. Released in 1986 on their own Golden Star Records label.
'Whatever' is an instrumental track. 'Bald' is a funny song and a stab at hardcore's unwritten rules about haircuts. 'Nations Capital' attacks straight edge preaching. There's some freak-out stuff at the end of side B which isn't mentioned on the record. It ends with a reprise of 'Don't Stop'.

Note: tracks 2 & 3 ripped as one.

1. Go Die
2. Geezers
3. Nations Capital
4. Bald
5. Whatever
6. Don't Stop (Till U Get Enuf)
7. Urban Wildlife
8. Pacifica On Saturday
9. Drink And Drive
10. Plane Trooth
11. Untitled

Link removed. There's a discography CD released in 2008 (I didn't know).
I did a quick check for availability and found it for sale on CD Baby.


Anonymous said...

An official Kwik Way discography CD came out in 2008, produced by members of the. They are selling it very cheaply. $5, I think. Anyhow, if you like this, you should probably look for the CD, buy it and support the band. In general, I am not into downloads of stuff that is legitimately available, but I am guessing this blogger did not know. Please keep posting the obscure, rare, out of print stuff and leave the still-available stuff alone for the sake of the the bands, labels, distributors and indie stores who are dying off.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for your comment. I really didn't know so I'm going to take down the link 'cos I fully agree with your opinion.

kennyhel77 said...

Man I don't have this and cannot afford it right now!!

Anonymous said...

Save up, you cheap fukwad.

Anonymous said...

wtf man..
this IS rare and obscure for me cuz i live in PORTUGAL and there's no possible way for me to buy the discography cd..
anyways it doesn't matter cuz i found it on another blog :P